What is Clump?

Clump is a carbon removal company that looks suspiciously like a cloud storage service... That's because it is - we store customer data on carbon-based storage media (e.g. paper). Why?

Well, the carbon is sourced from the air. So at scale Clump will remove significant amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide (gigatons), thereby reducing the global average temperature.


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Clump has been designed to have a number of features that make it excellent for both very long-term archival data storage and very long-term carbon storage.

Carbon storage


Best in class monitoring, reporting and verification of removed and stored carbon. Every unit of carbon (e.g. sheet of paper) is uniquely identified and tracked.


Whether we like it or not, the world needs gigatons of carbon removal every year.

Carbon Accounting

Simple accounting of C02 removal and storage - tons of carbon stored multiplied by time elapsed.


Data has been stored on carbon-based media (e.g. paper) for thousands of years. Let's further develop the tradition and grow the existing pool of carbon!

Data storage


Write-once media protects against malicious actors and ransomware.


All data is deduplicated, compressed and encrypted before storage, effectively uniquely identifying each unit of our carbon-based storage medium.

Energy efficient

Data is stored powered-down at rest under modern paper-warehousing conditions.

Low running costs

Pay little for peace of mind when your data is just sitting there for decades. Pay more only when you need to recover your data.

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